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It was okay...

Your drawing is great, but your animation is crap. The water should be more than 2 frames, and smoother animation, plus, I can see the edge of the world on the right side. The mouths need a bit more lip synching, and the movement is a little too tweeny for my taste. Keep try!

This wins...

That is the awesomest thing I've ever seen!! it looks like a real anime opening!! Total fave! You win at life!!

You've done it again! Spectacular!

This has got to be my favorite flash series on NG, the battle scenes are incredible, and the special effects spectacular!! 10/10 for everything!!

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Great game, a little confusing

I'm loving it so far, I'm at the point with the slaughterhouse and the aliens. I've tried everything, but I can't get them to trade the ocean sunfish for anything in my inventory, and I clearly need the ocean sunfish to cross the Bridge of Three Trials. Other than that, amazing game, tear-jerking dialogue, and stunning musical performance.

Minus one star for that awful first level, it's really hard to beat.

Decent art game, not much of a challenge though...

I think I found all achievements, but the screen cuts off so I have no way of knowing.
Game completed
Without pain we are nothing
It's all about the m...
Help is for the weak

And that's where the screen cuts off...

Neur0mancer responds:

Well that was weird... It displays fine on my computer... Did you try hitting refresh? Do you have the latest flash player?

Also, I'm not an artist, therefore this is not an art game :P

Five stars for a half-baked game

Good concept, poor execution.
To improve:
Improve the art in general
Add more clothing
Make the most recent clothing article you click jump to the front

If you're really serious about this:
Allow users to save their tank man to use in their own custom newgrounds preloaders.

BarrelOfLaughs responds:

I did make this when I was 7 which i consider an acheivement. But one day maybw I'll make a new one with all the sugestions.


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I love this song! Awesome!

One of my favorite songs <3

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